How to effectively promote your music album on social media

As the way we access and listen to music continues to evolve, it has made social media an essential means to promote and share. Social media provides a reach opportunity that can literally launch a new career almost overnight — it’s that powerful.

While many musicians are extremely talented at what they do, they aren’t up to speed on social media promotion, as they are focused on their music. That’s quite understandable, which is why you have professionals like me to hire anyways 😊

Still, as a musician, you need to understand the importance of social media and how it can help you promote & distribute your music.
Here are tips to help you effectively promote your music on social media.

1. Don’t Just Post Your Album – Share Useful Content/Promote Activities Related To It
By leveraging your following, you can get your music in front of a much larger audience. Most fans will do anything that an artist will ask of them, and the response is even better when you give them something to talk about. Select people to share a post of yours for a free album download or do giveaways to broaden your reach

2. Use video posts 
While you will experience some success just posting links to where new music can be heard, you should be taking advantage of videos too.
By posting videos, it allows you to better connect with your fan base. Instagram stories, for example, can be filmed in mere seconds. We all know how powerful the ‘swipe up’ feature on Instagram is. 
3. Let Your Fans Into Your Life
A smart play to attaining success online is to let your fan base into your life. 
Share sneak peeks and makes your followers feel like they are on the move with you and part of your daily activities. This is how you create a loyal following. 
Don’t just go all promotional with your profiles. Be real, be approachable, be connected. 
Then, when you do drop a promotional post on your songs or album, your followers will feel you! 
They will do whatever your promotion says.

Building that personal connection is the biggest component of a loyal and responsive social media following. 
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